With a wealth of experience in private practice, as in-house counsel and as business advisers, directors and business owners our business lawyers are uniquely placed to offer pragmatic and commercial advice to businesses.

Our unique combination of experience allows us to provide you with an unparalleled business advisory service.

As business lawyers we can advise on all the issues which could affect your business, which might include:

Commercial Contracts

All businesses enter into commercial contracts and sometimes these can be sufficiently unusual in nature that they require to be specifically drafted to cater for the circumstances.

We advise on standard form terms and conditions as well as drafting and reviewing bespoke contracts.

Joint Ventures

Many businesses enter into joint ventures as a way of carrying out a project or establishing a close commercial relationship. We are experienced in structuring and negotiating joint venture arrangements, both structural (involving equity stakes in the project or business) and contractual, and whether using a limited company, a limited liability partnership or a limited partnership.

A joint venture can be one where contribution and rewards are split 50:50 but can also be structured so that contributions and rewards are split differently. We will advise on all the appropriate legal structure, the terms for equity return, management arrangements and deadlock resolution.

Share Schemes

We advise on all forms of private company share incentive schemes – both HMRC approved schemes (such as EMI and CSOP) and unapproved schemes (which do not attract tax incentives).

We will advise on the interaction of any share incentive arrangements with restrictions in existing articles of association and shareholders’ agreements and the resolutions required to gain shareholder approval. We will prepare the scheme rules, option certificates and agreements and draft the particular provisions setting out the conditions for exercise.

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